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We are preparing the production facility from A to Z for Industry 4.0. We increase your productivity and your competitive power by providing robotic solutions to your business. We provide solutions with our expert engineer team to your technical needs, .


1 Civil Engineer, 4 Mechanical Engineer, 1 Electronics Engineer, 1 Computer Engineer, 2 Mechatronics Engineer, 1 Maritime Engineer and our other valuable staff came together and our team was formed. Whether it is software or design, we can develop and imagine what you need. We have many engineering branches in our team so we can move fast and make instant decisions. With the education and certifications we get from home and abroad training centers, we are experts of our job. We are really a good team ...


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19 Mayı Üniversitesi - Samsun Teknopark

Atakum, Samsun

Tel&Fax: +90-362-502-1416

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